Its been a long year

Well its September.Normally this time of year  the Twins would be  deep  into the pennet race and we would be excited for a potencial postseason birth but this year I think most of us are just ready for this season to be over and to move on to next year.This year has..well.Not been fun.I still love them and watch the games but geez,its like torture this year.

Its hard when on twitter and such and people who are fans of teams who well likely make the post season talk about how fun baseball is how much they love.I still love baseball but man,when you team is having a season like the Twins its not nearly as much fun,sometimes the excact oppisite

I wonder how you people who are fans of teams who have seasons like this every year do it.It sucks when you think how much well we lose bye today?where as last year this time,it was how much well we win bye?How the time changes.I know the Twinkies don’t exactly excel in the playoffs and losing to the Yankees every year is getting very very old but at least we ussualy do pretty well in the regualar season and we are ussually right there at the end.Sadly this season.That well not be the case

Theres been some good moments such as Francisco Lirianos no-hitter.Joe Nathan passing Rick Aguilera as the Twins as times saves leader.Jim Thome hitting 600 home runs and some amzing catchs by Ben Revere but the good times have been few and far between.


No great title here

First of all congratulations to the lone Twins All-Star this year.Micheal Cuddyer.He definatly deserves it.Hes has been the one of the very few guys who has not been hurt all year and has been very good for the Twins.He well doe whatever the teams asks.Joe Mauer was on MLBN on Friday said Cuddy has done pretty much everything except pitch and catch and if they asked him he’d probably do that too.I think he would.Cuddy is the ulimate team player.Very classy and gives so much back to the community

Also congrats to Ben Revere on been Rookie of the month for June(along with Jemile Weeks of the Athletics).Revere has also been great for the Twins this year.He has made some amazing catches and had some big hits.And he flys arond those bases.Its pretty fun to watch him run.Oh and his smile.Him and Cuddy both.Adorable

About the whole “closer controversy” if you well.Matt Capps.Yeah he had a tough couple of games,to say the least.Blowing a save against the Brewrs(yeah we won’t talk about that game.Awful blowing a 7-0 lead at home)then got pulled in two games in a row.As much as that sucked.It happens to everyone.It happened to Joe Nathan.Brain Wilson has struggled a bit too.Hes one of the best closers in the game.Even Mo Rivera blows a save on occasion.It happens.

Some Twins fans where booing Capps after the blown save against  the Brewers .Now I was unhappy as anyone else with how those couple games went but I guess I don’t believe in booing my own players.Not like it well make them feel better.They feel bad enough already.I support all the guys on my team(s).I may not be crazy about some but I support them.After being taken out for the second game in a Capps said.He could blame the fans for booing him and he would boo himself.That was sad.Yeah I feel he needed a break and didn’t want him out there but I still felt bad for the guy

Happy Birthday Harmon Killibrew

I’m to young to have seen you play but you where one of the greatest Twins to ever play even the youngest of Twins fans know how much you mean to the organaization both on and of the field.I wish I cou;d have meet you.Everyone sayd you where the classiest guy.I wish you could teach me to sign my name,my hab=ndwritting is awful and they say you where a gret dance.I love to dance.All the stories I’ve heard are good.So thank you killer for everytning you gave the Twins and baseball.If everyone in the world was half as good as Harmon Killiebrw,it would be pretty damn good

Happy 75 birthday Killer

Looking up

Well lets just say.The start of the Twins season was..well ugly.Brutal.Nothing could go right for the Twinkies.It seemd.Countless injuries and errors that Twins teams just don’t make .The offense couldn’t score and pitching wasn’t consistent.Every possiable thing went wrong.Or so it seemed.

Lately though the Twins have been more like..the Twins.They have now won 11 of 13.They have been scoring runs.(they only got one today but that was against Mark Buehrle and they won.So well take it)Pitching has been lights and going deep into ballgames and throwing complete games(we all know how much Bert loves that)the bullpen which a month ago was a huge problem has settled down and being doing its job

Now you expect the them to win.In April and May you always thought.Oh how bad well Twins lose tonight?what was the reason for the awful start?the lack of home games?injures or just a bad start?all of the above?well who knows.All I know is I like this team alot better.The most amazing thing they are doing all this with a team half full of minor leaguers.The kids are doing their part though and the veterans are too.Cuddyer has been on a homer tear lately(his homor was the lone run today)

Things are great for the Twinkies right now.Lets keep it that way

The first round of they playoffs

Sighh.Well.Its the same old story for the Twins.Getting swept,bye the Yankeess and I gotta say its getting old.We play so well in the regular season,then fall flat on our faces in the playoffs.We just can’t beat the Yankees and I don’t know why.I mean sure they are a great team,we all know that but so are we but we can’t beat thease guys.And its the same old thing every year.We always get the Yankees and I’m tired of it.I agree with what the commentaters said.Some it might be mental when we play those guys because no matter what we do we can’t beat them.I think as fan its the same thing.We get a lead and its like.Can we hold this or well they come back yet again?I hate thinking that way about my team but the thoughts just creep in and it sucks.Even though I’m frusterated with the playoff drought.I still love my boys and always well

Even though we lost all three games to the Yankees in the playoffs.We beat them twice in the regular season.I know that really doesn’t mean much now but it did happen and thats better then the year before.It felt great to beat the Yankees in the regular season but I would trade those two wins for two post seasons wins in a heartbeat.

Well Twins weren’t the only team sweept.The Reds also got sweept by the Philles and I guess that makes we feel better about getting sweept,not being the only ones but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone either because its not a good feeling at all.

Watching the first game of that Philles/Reds series was so exciting.I mean a no hitter in the post season.Does it get any better?I’m not even a Philles fan but I was nervous during that 9th inning so I can’t imagane how you Phille fans where feeling.Oh and Cole Hammels?well hes pretty awesome too.






Speaking of Awesome.Tim Lincuem is pretty awesome too.forteen strikeouts in 1-0 game.Impressive .For sure.






3b4f47ee9224e33d5a999feaebf261ec-getty-104139858es032_atlanta_brav.jpgAs for the other AL series.That was kinda hard for me because I like both teams but I’m glad Rangers won because up until then they had never won a post season series.Plus I love Cliff Lee.And how weird was it the home team never won a game in that series?crazy




97496ef4b466451e9392f48ea58ae5a3.jpgAlso I just wanna say how awesome it was that the Rangers used giner ale after they won so Josh Hamiton could particpate.Awesome and very classy

And of course the bigggest thing so far this  postseason.Bobby Cox retiring.I may not be a Braves fan but I’m a baseball fan and Bobby has done so much for this game.It well be weird without him.Enjoy retirement Bobby!







The AL Central Champs

Now we  have had a few days to sink that the Twins are once again AL Cenrtral Champsions and it still feels so great whenever I think back or see pictures from Tuesday.That well never get old.Ever

The whole day Tuesday it was so hard to foucus at work.All I cared about was the Twins.That sounds kinda bad but really its all that mattered to me the time.

It looked pretty bad for the Twins most of the night but then like so many times before the they fought back.Once the Twins tied it in the 8th I knew we had the game.Once the final out was made at Target Field.We turned over to the Athletics and White Sox game and with the Sox trailing.I think both the fans and the team knew it was over.Once the final out was made in Oakland it was time to party.And for some of (like me) that meant having to stay up late even though we had to up early the next morning.It was worth it thought to watch the boys drench each other in champagne.During the celebration and leading up to it FSN North interviewd the players.It was awesome to hear all the guys talk about how they did this as a team.All the new guys who came over this year said how the guys welcomed them with open arm.That one thing I quickly learned as a Twins fan how the guys welcome anyone in and thats just awesome.MLB network and baseball tonight have said this too.Its great to see these boys get such high praise from the exberts.

Its pretty amazing what our boys have done this year.No one picked us to win the division after Nathan went down,but we went and proved them wrong and got other guys to help us out.I still remeber Capps first game and save as Twins.I was at that game and he got a huge ovation.To be a part of that was pretty cool.We all miss Joe and want him back as good as ever next year but the guys who have come and had to fill in have stepped up and been big for this team.And when Morneau went down before the All-Star break in the middle of a slump.Alot of people.maybe even some fans felt the season was over but just like last year even without our All-Star first baseman the boys have turned up the heat and played their best baseball of the year.