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The AL Central Champs

Now we  have had a few days to sink that the Twins are once again AL Cenrtral Champsions and it still feels so great whenever I think back or see pictures from Tuesday.That well never get old.Ever

The whole day Tuesday it was so hard to foucus at work.All I cared about was the Twins.That sounds kinda bad but really its all that mattered to me the time.

It looked pretty bad for the Twins most of the night but then like so many times before the they fought back.Once the Twins tied it in the 8th I knew we had the game.Once the final out was made at Target Field.We turned over to the Athletics and White Sox game and with the Sox trailing.I think both the fans and the team knew it was over.Once the final out was made in Oakland it was time to party.And for some of (like me) that meant having to stay up late even though we had to up early the next morning.It was worth it thought to watch the boys drench each other in champagne.During the celebration and leading up to it FSN North interviewd the players.It was awesome to hear all the guys talk about how they did this as a team.All the new guys who came over this year said how the guys welcomed them with open arm.That one thing I quickly learned as a Twins fan how the guys welcome anyone in and thats just awesome.MLB network and baseball tonight have said this too.Its great to see these boys get such high praise from the exberts.

Its pretty amazing what our boys have done this year.No one picked us to win the division after Nathan went down,but we went and proved them wrong and got other guys to help us out.I still remeber Capps first game and save as Twins.I was at that game and he got a huge ovation.To be a part of that was pretty cool.We all miss Joe and want him back as good as ever next year but the guys who have come and had to fill in have stepped up and been big for this team.And when Morneau went down before the All-Star break in the middle of a slump.Alot of people.maybe even some fans felt the season was over but just like last year even without our All-Star first baseman the boys have turned up the heat and played their best baseball of the year.




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Dear Jim Thome

In game 163 of 2008 you where our worst enemy here in Twins Territory,that homer was pain oh so painful.But now your on of us and we couldn’t ba happier.You’ve provoided so many amazing highlights for all us Twins fans.We’ll always remeber that walk-off homer against the White-Sox.Gosh that was beatiful and we’ll always remeber that BLAST that hit the American flag pole at Target Feild and that homer after 12 heart-pounding innings of scoreless baseball in Cleaveland on Satuday.And we’ll always remeber when you tied and past  the ‘the killer’ on the all time home run list and Harmon’s’ message was played over the speakers at Target Feild sending chills through the bones of everyone watching.And those triples  those where fun too.Haha

You coming over here has worked better then any of us could have thought.Kinda like that guy Brett Favre who qaurterbacks the Vikings.Lol.And its cool your a big fan of his,we can always use more Vikings fans.

And you fit the Twins so well too.Classy and all about the team.Thats how we do it here in Minnesota and thats why I’m so proud to be a Twins fan.

So thanks for such an awesome year so far Jimmers.We love you


Playing well

Wow.I’m sorry I have been so bad at updating this blog.I always say I’m gonna update more,then I never do.

So where did the time go anyway?wow.Its already September and we are thick into the pennet races.It feels like the season just started and now here we are with only a month left.Football and hockey season is just around the corner and well that is great,it is sad baseball is almost done for the season.

So life as a Twins fan has been pretty awesome as of late.Our boys just keep on winning!Before the All-Star break things where pretty…well pretty blah for the Twins but since the break the guys have really turned it on.

Things have been good for the Twins but Thursday was one the ugliest games of the.After lading by 4 runs in the 8th the boys lost 10-9 in thirtenn innings.It was a game where nothing could go right for the Twinkies.Our starter(Baker)left after just two innings with a injury.Gardy got kicked out of the game.The defense was sloppy(as was the Tigers)and to add to all that there some pretty crappy up calls.The game was nearly 5 hours and yeah it was a game we all just wanna forget.

The game on Thursday is one those games that can really deflate a team but the Twins hve responded with a sweep over the best teams in the leaque the Rangers.On Friday Matt Fox was called to make a very unexpected start due to having to use the orignal starter Nick Blackburn had to pitch in Thursdays marathon losss(as did Brian Duensing)anways Fox did a very good job allowing two runs in 5 2/3 innings.

Saturday was also a historic day for the Twins as Jim Thome tied and pased Mark McGwire for 9th in homers all time.Jimmers has been huge for this team.He is proving once again that age is just a number.Haha.

Matt Tolbert also had a career day Saturday driving in 5 RBIs and two triples in the Twins 12-4 win over the Rangers.

The Twins won 6-4 Sunday to complete the sweep.

The fact that the Twinkies good come back after Thursdays brutal loss does not shock me.Not with the team we have.Our guys play their hearts out and never give up.We just have such a great group of guys and that why I love the Twins soo much.I know having classy guys may not win you a World Series but it really helps espeaily after a loss like Thirsdays.

This weekend was a speaical one for the Twins as they honered the 50 greatest Twins since it is the teams 50th season.It was really cool to see all the former great out on the feild on Friday.

The thing that is so amazing is how this team can win without Justin Morneau.Other guys just keep stepping up and its great but please come back soon Justin.We miss you!

Are u ready for some football???

Yeah football season its almost here.Thursday is the big game for the Vikes as we try to seek revenge on the Saints after last years heartbreaking loss to them in the NFC championship game.


Twins rolling along

Its amazing how fast things can change huh?things have gone very good for the Twins since the All-Star break they are 13-4(tho they lost the last two to the Rays)but things have gottton alot better,pryor to the Rays series they had won eight in a row. And yes it was agnist basement teams the,Oroiles,Royals,and Mariners but hey you start somewhere.Right?And this hit streak also started agnist the red-hot White Sox in which the Twins won 3 of 4.

The  biggest thing as the starting pitching seems to have really turned it around as of late and before the All-Star break that was the biggest proplem,so hopefully they can keep it up and the ofence can keep hitting and driving in runs.

 Ok so I’m just gonna talk about some of the Twins games right now the ones that really stood out.


Monday July 26 Twins 19 KC 1

Yeah this game was alot of fun,man it was great!Not just that fact that we won by 18 runs but that it was agnist Zach Greinke,for whatever reason the Twins always seem to hit the former Cy Young hard.Not only did the Twins get 19 runs but it the way the got them in the 1st inning Danny Valenchia hit his first major leauqe home run and it was a grand slam agnit the former cy young!and out MVP well what I night he had,5/5 and a three run homer,yay gys Joe is back! 

Actrally that whole night was epic not just for the Twins but as a whole.

Matt Garza as we all know threw a no hitter,I love the Rays(well not right now)plus Garza is a former Twin so seeing him do well is great,plus it was agnist  the divsion rival Tigers.

And a to top of this great night a bitterswet night for USA softball as the won the World Cup of softball but Jennie Finch one of the greatest pitchers to ever play,played her final game for the Red,White and Blue.Thank Jenniecfor all the great years your alot of fun to watch,enjoy retierment.


Friday July 30th -My first outdoor game


I fianlly went to an outdoor game! it awesome and we won that game 5-3 agnist the Mariners.Alexi Caslia and Jim Thome homered,the Thome homer was the first and two runs of the game and everyone was pretty pumped when he hit it out and that was really cool.

This was also the game Matt Capps got his first Twins save,to be part of the crowd that gave him a huge ovation like that was pretty sweet and as a player that has to be a great feeling to come in with the crowd cheering like that.It would give me the chills!


A much needed break

Ahhh All -Break,Thank goodness its here,for the Twins it coudn’t come soon enough,over the past couple weeks things have been well…bad for the Twins,they have won only 3 of their last 10 games and have gone from first to third and now the White Sox,yes the White Sox are no in first and it looks as if one again the AL Central well go down to the wire.

So whats wrong with my beloved Twins?well I wish I knew clearly starting pitching has not been as well they can be and where at start of the year,in Aril and May the Twins staff was very good but as of late they have gone down hill and so has the team,hopefully it just  a little slump the team is going through right now and things well get better soon

So yeah things have been tough for the Twins but theres still alot of season left and Twins ussaly are a better second half team.Baseball season is a long season and there well be lots of ups and downs and the Twins have had there share of both,no matter though,like all of you I well stand by my team no matter what.

Rockies-Phillies-Brewers recap

First of all before I get to baseball.I just wanna ask everyone to keep the town of Wadena Minnesota in there thought and prayers,a week ago today a EF4 tornado hit and the town is pretty much gone,the towns of Alomora and Mentor where also hit not as bad but they had a death in each of those towns.

Now on to baseball and what to say about my Twins?well I don’t no what to say,I can’t fiqure out this team sometimes.We go in to the City of Brotherly love and take two of three and then get sweept by the Brewers of al team the BREWERS?no no nothing agnist Brewer fans but this is a team we should beat and a team we normally dominate.So what happened?I don’t know really.You gotta give the Brew Crew credit they simpley out played the Twins in every aspect of the game.Better hitting,better pitching better everything.Its not like the Twins did not have chances though,they did but for whatever reason they could not cash in,errors and plenty of missed changes on offense and the pitching not as good as it could be was they story of the Millwauke series.

 The Philles series was much better although that one too,started out bad,Friday night Nick Blackburn and the Twinkies got shelled. On Saterday It looked good for the Twins as they got three first inning runs off Cole Hammels but then Hammels settlled down and Kevin Slowey had a bad game and it looked once gain the Twinkies would get pounded until the 5 run ninth inning comeback with a home by former Phille Jim Thome,who has now homered in every MLB park and a Joe Mauer game tying homer then  in the tenth Drew Butera hit his first Major League home run only for the Philles to tie it on a homer of their in in the bottom of the inning the Twins evenally won in the 11th 13-10.On Sunday Carl Pavano had a complete game and gave the bullpen a much needed day off as the Twinkies won 4-1.

 The series agnist the Rockies was good as well as the Twins took two of three,the only game they only lost was the game when Ulbaldo Jimminez was on the mound.Pavano pitched well in the first game but the real story of this series was Scott Baker striking out twelve batters,a career high.Shaken N Baken as FSN North put it.

 So things have gone  pretty good for the Twinkies,we’ll just forget the Brewers series.haha