The first round of they playoffs

Sighh.Well.Its the same old story for the Twins.Getting swept,bye the Yankeess and I gotta say its getting old.We play so well in the regular season,then fall flat on our faces in the playoffs.We just can’t beat the Yankees and I don’t know why.I mean sure they are a great team,we all know that but so are we but we can’t beat thease guys.And its the same old thing every year.We always get the Yankees and I’m tired of it.I agree with what the commentaters said.Some it might be mental when we play those guys because no matter what we do we can’t beat them.I think as fan its the same thing.We get a lead and its like.Can we hold this or well they come back yet again?I hate thinking that way about my team but the thoughts just creep in and it sucks.Even though I’m frusterated with the playoff drought.I still love my boys and always well

Even though we lost all three games to the Yankees in the playoffs.We beat them twice in the regular season.I know that really doesn’t mean much now but it did happen and thats better then the year before.It felt great to beat the Yankees in the regular season but I would trade those two wins for two post seasons wins in a heartbeat.

Well Twins weren’t the only team sweept.The Reds also got sweept by the Philles and I guess that makes we feel better about getting sweept,not being the only ones but I wouldn’t wish it on anyone either because its not a good feeling at all.

Watching the first game of that Philles/Reds series was so exciting.I mean a no hitter in the post season.Does it get any better?I’m not even a Philles fan but I was nervous during that 9th inning so I can’t imagane how you Phille fans where feeling.Oh and Cole Hammels?well hes pretty awesome too.






Speaking of Awesome.Tim Lincuem is pretty awesome too.forteen strikeouts in 1-0 game.Impressive .For sure.






3b4f47ee9224e33d5a999feaebf261ec-getty-104139858es032_atlanta_brav.jpgAs for the other AL series.That was kinda hard for me because I like both teams but I’m glad Rangers won because up until then they had never won a post season series.Plus I love Cliff Lee.And how weird was it the home team never won a game in that series?crazy




97496ef4b466451e9392f48ea58ae5a3.jpgAlso I just wanna say how awesome it was that the Rangers used giner ale after they won so Josh Hamiton could particpate.Awesome and very classy

And of course the bigggest thing so far this  postseason.Bobby Cox retiring.I may not be a Braves fan but I’m a baseball fan and Bobby has done so much for this game.It well be weird without him.Enjoy retirement Bobby!









  1. raysrenegade

    Do not mean this as a negative, but as the season was winding down, it just seemed like the Twins were going down the same path as my Rays…just seemed to be going through the motions.
    In their ALDS series against the Yankees, it just seemed like they clicked on 7 cylinders and just missed that hit, strikeout or even defensive play that could have turned the tide for them.
    But the team did have the tools and the ability to go a long way, but it always seemed like something pushed its way into the Twins postseason path and took them down…hook, line and sinker.
    But it is still a team to be feared in 2011 from the get-go…But you already knew that…

    Rays Renegade

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