Playing well

Wow.I’m sorry I have been so bad at updating this blog.I always say I’m gonna update more,then I never do.

So where did the time go anyway?wow.Its already September and we are thick into the pennet races.It feels like the season just started and now here we are with only a month left.Football and hockey season is just around the corner and well that is great,it is sad baseball is almost done for the season.

So life as a Twins fan has been pretty awesome as of late.Our boys just keep on winning!Before the All-Star break things where pretty…well pretty blah for the Twins but since the break the guys have really turned it on.

Things have been good for the Twins but Thursday was one the ugliest games of the.After lading by 4 runs in the 8th the boys lost 10-9 in thirtenn innings.It was a game where nothing could go right for the Twinkies.Our starter(Baker)left after just two innings with a injury.Gardy got kicked out of the game.The defense was sloppy(as was the Tigers)and to add to all that there some pretty crappy up calls.The game was nearly 5 hours and yeah it was a game we all just wanna forget.

The game on Thursday is one those games that can really deflate a team but the Twins hve responded with a sweep over the best teams in the leaque the Rangers.On Friday Matt Fox was called to make a very unexpected start due to having to use the orignal starter Nick Blackburn had to pitch in Thursdays marathon losss(as did Brian Duensing)anways Fox did a very good job allowing two runs in 5 2/3 innings.

Saturday was also a historic day for the Twins as Jim Thome tied and pased Mark McGwire for 9th in homers all time.Jimmers has been huge for this team.He is proving once again that age is just a number.Haha.

Matt Tolbert also had a career day Saturday driving in 5 RBIs and two triples in the Twins 12-4 win over the Rangers.

The Twins won 6-4 Sunday to complete the sweep.

The fact that the Twinkies good come back after Thursdays brutal loss does not shock me.Not with the team we have.Our guys play their hearts out and never give up.We just have such a great group of guys and that why I love the Twins soo much.I know having classy guys may not win you a World Series but it really helps espeaily after a loss like Thirsdays.

This weekend was a speaical one for the Twins as they honered the 50 greatest Twins since it is the teams 50th season.It was really cool to see all the former great out on the feild on Friday.

The thing that is so amazing is how this team can win without Justin Morneau.Other guys just keep stepping up and its great but please come back soon Justin.We miss you!

Are u ready for some football???

Yeah football season its almost here.Thursday is the big game for the Vikes as we try to seek revenge on the Saints after last years heartbreaking loss to them in the NFC championship game.



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