Dear Jim Thome

In game 163 of 2008 you where our worst enemy here in Twins Territory,that homer was pain oh so painful.But now your on of us and we couldn’t ba happier.You’ve provoided so many amazing highlights for all us Twins fans.We’ll always remeber that walk-off homer against the White-Sox.Gosh that was beatiful and we’ll always remeber that BLAST that hit the American flag pole at Target Feild and that homer after 12 heart-pounding innings of scoreless baseball in Cleaveland on Satuday.And we’ll always remeber when you tied and past  the ‘the killer’ on the all time home run list and Harmon’s’ message was played over the speakers at Target Feild sending chills through the bones of everyone watching.And those triples  those where fun too.Haha

You coming over here has worked better then any of us could have thought.Kinda like that guy Brett Favre who qaurterbacks the Vikings.Lol.And its cool your a big fan of his,we can always use more Vikings fans.

And you fit the Twins so well too.Classy and all about the team.Thats how we do it here in Minnesota and thats why I’m so proud to be a Twins fan.

So thanks for such an awesome year so far Jimmers.We love you



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