No great title here

First of all congratulations to the lone Twins All-Star this year.Micheal Cuddyer.He definatly deserves it.Hes has been the one of the very few guys who has not been hurt all year and has been very good for the Twins.He well doe whatever the teams asks.Joe Mauer was on MLBN on Friday said Cuddy has done pretty much everything except pitch and catch and if they asked him he’d probably do that too.I think he would.Cuddy is the ulimate team player.Very classy and gives so much back to the community

Also congrats to Ben Revere on been Rookie of the month for June(along with Jemile Weeks of the Athletics).Revere has also been great for the Twins this year.He has made some amazing catches and had some big hits.And he flys arond those bases.Its pretty fun to watch him run.Oh and his smile.Him and Cuddy both.Adorable

About the whole “closer controversy” if you well.Matt Capps.Yeah he had a tough couple of games,to say the least.Blowing a save against the Brewrs(yeah we won’t talk about that game.Awful blowing a 7-0 lead at home)then got pulled in two games in a row.As much as that sucked.It happens to everyone.It happened to Joe Nathan.Brain Wilson has struggled a bit too.Hes one of the best closers in the game.Even Mo Rivera blows a save on occasion.It happens.

Some Twins fans where booing Capps after the blown save against  the Brewers .Now I was unhappy as anyone else with how those couple games went but I guess I don’t believe in booing my own players.Not like it well make them feel better.They feel bad enough already.I support all the guys on my team(s).I may not be crazy about some but I support them.After being taken out for the second game in a Capps said.He could blame the fans for booing him and he would boo himself.That was sad.Yeah I feel he needed a break and didn’t want him out there but I still felt bad for the guy


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