Its been a long year

Well its September.Normally this time of year  the Twins would be  deep  into the pennet race and we would be excited for a potencial postseason birth but this year I think most of us are just ready for this season to be over and to move on to next year.This year has..well.Not been fun.I still love them and watch the games but geez,its like torture this year.

Its hard when on twitter and such and people who are fans of teams who well likely make the post season talk about how fun baseball is how much they love.I still love baseball but man,when you team is having a season like the Twins its not nearly as much fun,sometimes the excact oppisite

I wonder how you people who are fans of teams who have seasons like this every year do it.It sucks when you think how much well we lose bye today?where as last year this time,it was how much well we win bye?How the time changes.I know the Twinkies don’t exactly excel in the playoffs and losing to the Yankees every year is getting very very old but at least we ussualy do pretty well in the regualar season and we are ussually right there at the end.Sadly this season.That well not be the case

Theres been some good moments such as Francisco Lirianos no-hitter.Joe Nathan passing Rick Aguilera as the Twins as times saves leader.Jim Thome hitting 600 home runs and some amzing catchs by Ben Revere but the good times have been few and far between.


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