Looking up

Well lets just say.The start of the Twins season was..well ugly.Brutal.Nothing could go right for the Twinkies.It seemd.Countless injuries and errors that Twins teams just don’t make .The offense couldn’t score and pitching wasn’t consistent.Every possiable thing went wrong.Or so it seemed.

Lately though the Twins have been more like..the Twins.They have now won 11 of 13.They have been scoring runs.(they only got one today but that was against Mark Buehrle and they won.So well take it)Pitching has been lights and going deep into ballgames and throwing complete games(we all know how much Bert loves that)the bullpen which a month ago was a huge problem has settled down and being doing its job

Now you expect the them to win.In April and May you always thought.Oh how bad well Twins lose tonight?what was the reason for the awful start?the lack of home games?injures or just a bad start?all of the above?well who knows.All I know is I like this team alot better.The most amazing thing they are doing all this with a team half full of minor leaguers.The kids are doing their part though and the veterans are too.Cuddyer has been on a homer tear lately(his homor was the lone run today)

Things are great for the Twinkies right now.Lets keep it that way


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