The AL Central Champs

Now we  have had a few days to sink that the Twins are once again AL Cenrtral Champsions and it still feels so great whenever I think back or see pictures from Tuesday.That well never get old.Ever

The whole day Tuesday it was so hard to foucus at work.All I cared about was the Twins.That sounds kinda bad but really its all that mattered to me the time.

It looked pretty bad for the Twins most of the night but then like so many times before the they fought back.Once the Twins tied it in the 8th I knew we had the game.Once the final out was made at Target Field.We turned over to the Athletics and White Sox game and with the Sox trailing.I think both the fans and the team knew it was over.Once the final out was made in Oakland it was time to party.And for some of (like me) that meant having to stay up late even though we had to up early the next morning.It was worth it thought to watch the boys drench each other in champagne.During the celebration and leading up to it FSN North interviewd the players.It was awesome to hear all the guys talk about how they did this as a team.All the new guys who came over this year said how the guys welcomed them with open arm.That one thing I quickly learned as a Twins fan how the guys welcome anyone in and thats just awesome.MLB network and baseball tonight have said this too.Its great to see these boys get such high praise from the exberts.

Its pretty amazing what our boys have done this year.No one picked us to win the division after Nathan went down,but we went and proved them wrong and got other guys to help us out.I still remeber Capps first game and save as Twins.I was at that game and he got a huge ovation.To be a part of that was pretty cool.We all miss Joe and want him back as good as ever next year but the guys who have come and had to fill in have stepped up and been big for this team.And when Morneau went down before the All-Star break in the middle of a slump.Alot of people.maybe even some fans felt the season was over but just like last year even without our All-Star first baseman the boys have turned up the heat and played their best baseball of the year.



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