Twins rolling along

Its amazing how fast things can change huh?things have gone very good for the Twins since the All-Star break they are 13-4(tho they lost the last two to the Rays)but things have gottton alot better,pryor to the Rays series they had won eight in a row. And yes it was agnist basement teams the,Oroiles,Royals,and Mariners but hey you start somewhere.Right?And this hit streak also started agnist the red-hot White Sox in which the Twins won 3 of 4.

The  biggest thing as the starting pitching seems to have really turned it around as of late and before the All-Star break that was the biggest proplem,so hopefully they can keep it up and the ofence can keep hitting and driving in runs.

 Ok so I’m just gonna talk about some of the Twins games right now the ones that really stood out.


Monday July 26 Twins 19 KC 1

Yeah this game was alot of fun,man it was great!Not just that fact that we won by 18 runs but that it was agnist Zach Greinke,for whatever reason the Twins always seem to hit the former Cy Young hard.Not only did the Twins get 19 runs but it the way the got them in the 1st inning Danny Valenchia hit his first major leauqe home run and it was a grand slam agnit the former cy young!and out MVP well what I night he had,5/5 and a three run homer,yay gys Joe is back! 

Actrally that whole night was epic not just for the Twins but as a whole.

Matt Garza as we all know threw a no hitter,I love the Rays(well not right now)plus Garza is a former Twin so seeing him do well is great,plus it was agnist  the divsion rival Tigers.

And a to top of this great night a bitterswet night for USA softball as the won the World Cup of softball but Jennie Finch one of the greatest pitchers to ever play,played her final game for the Red,White and Blue.Thank Jenniecfor all the great years your alot of fun to watch,enjoy retierment.


Friday July 30th -My first outdoor game


I fianlly went to an outdoor game! it awesome and we won that game 5-3 agnist the Mariners.Alexi Caslia and Jim Thome homered,the Thome homer was the first and two runs of the game and everyone was pretty pumped when he hit it out and that was really cool.

This was also the game Matt Capps got his first Twins save,to be part of the crowd that gave him a huge ovation like that was pretty sweet and as a player that has to be a great feeling to come in with the crowd cheering like that.It would give me the chills!



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